An Outline of the Program

In the spring of 2008, the 22 Division Community Police Liaison Committee initiated a Student Bursary Program in which selected graduating students from secondary schools in Etobicoke would receive a bursary to assist them as they continue their studies at a university, community college or any Ontario accredited apprenticeship program.

The CPLC believes that the better educated our youth are, the better their lives and our communities will be.

It is the hope of the CPLC that these bursaries will help the selected students enhance their educational experience and encourage them to pursue and achieve their academic goals. To date, CPLC has raised $28,500 supporting 57+ local youth.

How the Program Works

In 2009, the number of schools was extended to include each of the ten high schools located within 22 Division.  The funds are raised by the CPLC through various fundraising events. Students are encouraged to submit their applications through their respective schools.

A bursary is given to one student at the 22 Division Open House (Saturday June 20th, 2015 11am-2pm) and will receive a congratulatory certificate from the CPLC.

Eligibility Requirements

The graduating student must:

  • demonstrate outstanding and consistent outreach to their community;
  • be accepted for entrance to, and enrolled in, an accredited Canadian university or community college or trade school in the coming year;
  • write an essay up to two pages describing his/her community leadership activity; what they have accomplished and the meaningful contribution that has been made to the community and what he/she has learned from the experience;
  • provide two letters of support or confirmation from the community group(s) or individuals who have been the focus of the student's involvement; and
  • maintain a minimum of 60% average until and including graduation.