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We are very excited to announce the next generation in personalized crime notifications:

Designed for Neighbourhood Watch groups, HOAs, BIAs, businesses and homeowners alike, CrimePoint enables you to sign up for crime notifications in your area using just your email address and postal code.

CrimePoint is a FREE email-based crime notification tool that uses verified public data from the Toronto Police Service to notify you when a crime has been reported in your area. Simply provide an email address and a postal code, choose how often you would like to be notified and CrimePoint will do the rest!

CrimePoint was designed and built for you by a dedicated group of volunteers whose work with Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and Neighbourhood Watch has been recognized by the Toronto Police Service, members of the government and local media outlets.

CrimePoint works in all Toronto neighbourhoods.

The purpose of CrimePoint is to help raise awareness of criminal activity in our neighbourhoods, aid in our ability to recognize suspicious activity when we see it and highlight the importance of reporting such activity to the proper authorities. 

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