Divisional Traffic Unit (DTU)

Divisional Traffic Units operate from every Police Division within the Toronto Police Service.

The Divisional Traffic Unit (or Traffic Response Unit) is a dedicated function within the Community Response Unit structure. The purpose of the Divisional Traffic Unit is to problem solve with the community regarding local traffic concerns and to provide general traffic duties including:

  • Investigation of personal injury collisions and fail to remain collisions.
  • Traffic safety enforcement programs (such as speeding, seat belts, aggressive drivers, etc.)
  • Enforcement of Highway Traffic Act and driving complaints.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety local traffic signs, roadway construction and/or design issues.
  • Planning for local parades and special events occurring on roadways.

If you have a driving complaint that you would like to report, please contact the Divisional Traffic Unit where the driving took place.

For more information, please visit torontopolice.on.ca/traffic/divtru.php

Divisional Traffic Unit (DTU) in 22 Division

Const. James Karpik (#01463)Email: James.Karpik@torontopolice.on.ca