School Engagement Team (SET)

High schools work with the School Engagement Team to help create safe and healthy environments within school communities and their surrounding areas.

The purpose of the School Engagement Team (SET) program is to establish and maintain positive partnerships that aid in creating safe and healthy educational environments with secondary school communities and their surrounding areas. SET Officers play an integral role in the prevention, detection and intervention of various issues such as, crime, mental health, bullying, etc., that occur within the school environment.

School Engagement Team (SET) Officers in 22 Division

Const. Bill McLeish (#5222)Phone: 416-808-2259
Const. Nicole Sutton (#9700)Phone: 416-808-2295

School Engagement Team Officers are working with the following high schools in 22 Division:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform the general duties of a police constable.
  • Gather information from the school community regarding safety issues, crime trends, and any problem affecting the school environment. The information gathered will be entered into the intelligence cycle through crime management processes ensuring that it is being disseminated throughout the service for appropriate action.
  • Engage in Intelligence-led policing in assigned schools.
  • Establish positive relationships through active uniform presence in the school community.
  • Facilitate communication among police, students, school officials, parent/caregivers, teacher groups, courts and social service agencies.
  • Participate in the school council and other school-community associations.
  • Actively participate in crime prevention strategies, identify school safety issues, create and implement safety programs to encourage and support a safe and engaged school community.
  • Establish a positive rapport with both the school and surrounding community.
  • Liaise with school officials regarding emergency planning and site security.
  • Participate in risk assessment, lockdown drills and threat assessment activities.
  • Provide information and education about the criminal justice system.
  • Promote the Crime Stoppers program in schools.
  • Deliver and participate in various programs to support the goals of the position.
  • Be a positive role model representing the Toronto Police Service in schools — in addition to being another caring adult for students to turn to when needed.
  • Work with students and/or school administration to find solutions that endeavour to meet everyone’s needs.