Free crime prevention audit helps reduce the risk of break-ins

Const. Allan Vercholuk (left) and homeowner Sylvia Kwan inspect a back door of her home as part of a crime prevention audit. – Andrew Palamarchuck/Torstar

Const. Allan Vercholuk, a crime prevention officer at 22 Division, said there’s no way to “full-proof” a home “no matter how hard you try,” though following recommendations of a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) audit does help reduce the risk of a break-in.

All crime prevention officers in the city are trained to provide CPTED audits, which are provided to homeowners upon request at no charge.

Vercholuk said most audits are conducted after a break-in has occurred; that’s because after a break-in, police send victims a letter informing them of the service. About 20 per cent of the victims end up requesting the audit.

In this article recently published in the Etobicoke Guardian, Metroland Media and reporter Andrew Palamarchuk speaks with 22 Division Crime Prevention Officer Const. Allan Vercholuk and 22 Division CPLC co-chair Sylvia Kwan about how a free crime prevention audit can help reduce the risk of break-ins.

Const. Allan Vercholuk also spoke with CityNews reporter Audra Brown about how homeowners can request a free crime prevention audit from the Toronto Police Service.

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