Neighbourhood Officers

Neighbourhood Officers are dedicated to engaging and working with community members in the following Etobicoke neighbourhoods:

  • East Mall – West Mall
  • Islington – City Centre West
  • Mabelle – Cordova

Community policing is a priority of the Toronto Police Service. The future role of the Neighbourhood Officer will be different than what it looks like today because the Toronto Police Service is modernizing to improve the way it serves our communities.

In the near future, officers will be embedded in neighbourhoods and their assignments will be a minimum of three years in length with an option to extend. Neighbourhood policing will also be the starting point for new police officers’ careers and they will be rotated through as part of their Community Response Unit training. These new officers will work with experienced Neighbourhood Officers, on foot and on bikes, building a foundation in community policing before they go anywhere else in the Toronto Police Service.

The Toronto Police Service is introducing an expanded Neighbourhood Officer program into several Etobicoke neighbourhoods; East Mall – West Mall, Islington – City Centre West and Mabelle – Cordova. These neighbourhoods have been assigned eight officers who are dedicated to engaging with local community members and helping to improve the safety and security of the area.

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Neighbourhood Officers in 22 Division

Meet your friendly Neighbourhood Officers. The following officers have been assigned to the East Mall – West Mall,  Islington – City Centre West and Mabelle – Cordova neighbourhoods in Etobicoke as part of the expanded Neighbourhood Officer program.

If you would like to speak with the Neighbourhood Officers team, you can do so by phone at 416-808-2246, by email at, or by calling your Neighbourhood Officer directly at one of the numbers below.

Const. Anthony Alexander (#10949)Cell: 647-355-3929
Const. John-Paul Di Cecca (#9479)Cell: 647-355-3953
Const. Daymon Evans (#65863)Cell: 647-355-3951
Const. Tav Garcia (#10115)Cell: 647-355-3927
Const. Zoran Ivkovic (#10469)Cell: 647-355-3928
Const. Marcin Komada (#10032)Cell: 647-355-3937
Const. Lisa Penny (#9989)Cell: 647-355-3936
Const. Jermaine Watt (#9729)Cell: 647-355-3759