Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration

Protect your bicycle from theft by registering it on the Bicycle Registry System, buying proper locking equipment and ensuring it has an identifiable serial number.

Bicycle theft is a crime that causes financial loss and inconvenience in every community. Thefts of bicycles can be reduced if owners acknowledge the need for adequate security, and invest in equipment that will be effective.

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Register Your Bicycle

There are two methods of bicycle registration:

  1. Register your bicycle online at
  2. Download and print a registration form and bring it to your local police station, or mail it to the address listed on the form.

Manufacturers mark most bicycles with a serial number. If yours does not have a serial number, engrave an identifying number on the frame. You may wish to put the same number on the wheels and other components.

Protect Your Bicycle

  • Register your bicycle with the police. This will greatly assist in its recovery if stolen.
  • Use a good-quality locking device such as a hardened steel “U” shaped lock, or a hardened steel chain and padlock.
  • Lock your bicycle and both wheels to an immovable object which cannot be easily cut or broken.

Weak, inexpensive locks will not deter a proficient thief. It is pointless to save money by using a cheaply made lock, only to lose an expensive bicycle. To prevent loss, accessories such as lights and bags should be detached and taken with you when the bicycle is left unattended.

Protect Yourself

Before riding your bicycle, take steps to protect yourself from injury.

  • Wear an approved bicycle safety helmet.
  • Use proper lights and reflectors.
  • Follow all road safety rules.